Civil and Commercial Mediation

 G|R|A CONSULTORES Civil and Commercial Mediation

For all those clients who do not wish to initiate a judicial dispute, we offer as an alternative method the services of our professionals MEDIATION EXPERTS, with the conviction that they can reach the resolution of their conflicts in an effective, agile and satisfactory way. We have great experience in resolving them and in reaching agreements. Our Mediation sessions will be held in the Mediation Center of the Bar Association of Valencia (CMICAV). 

This extrajudicial alternative route leads the parties, through dialogue, to find a solution, in presence and with the collaboration of the figure of the mediator, who, without taking part in the process, tries to facilitate communication so that they are able to resolve a conflict.

The task of our mediators is not to judge or impose solutions, their function is to help the participants find their own solution, preventing the conflict from being resolved judicially.

Mediation is a voluntary process to which the parties come freely, not being obliged to reach an agreement, may always abandon this procedure, without needing to plead any reason.

For those clients who are clear that they do not want a judicial contest, and need to approach positions the advantages of mediation, MEDIATION will suppose:

  • un Lower economic cost;
  • un Less emotional wear, facilitating the understanding and improvement of interpersonal relationships, not only in the mediation process but also in the future;
  • Confidentiality, since the information and documentation provided in the mediation sessions is safeguarded and can not be disclosed,
  • y Much more satisfactory results ya que no one better than those interested to know the circumstances and particularities of their situation, so that the interested parties themselves will find the solution to their problem.

Conflicts that arise within the family, from breakups of the couple (separations or divorces) to parent-child relationships (joint custody) and other actions related to kinship (inheritance, inheritance).

Disagreements about contracts, in the field of consumption and in horizontal property, banking, neighborhood and social conflicts, between people of the same neighborhood, municipality, etc.

The one that aims to educate the coexistence of students with classmates, teachers, and other members of the school environment.

Conflicts that arise due to ignorance of the language or cultural differences.

Procedure focused on individuals and freelancers that serves to free you from the debts since the entry into force of the Second Chance Act.