Our firm has a team of lawyers specialized in different legal-procedural areas, who carry out legal preventive and defensive work before the Courts of Justice, both legal and private individuals. We intervene to defend our clients in all judicial, civil, criminal, commercial, administrative and labor courts, both in the Valencian Community and in any other point in Spain.


Our extensive experience in time and continuous training, together with our personal dedication to our clients, are a plus in our final result, providing counseling and defense services, guaranteeing efficiency and reliability.


The support of the rest of the firm’s professionals makes the Legal Advice an integral solution for the client’s needs.

Our maximum is the trust of the client in the professionalism and specialization that we offer, being the ultimate objective for the optimum defense of their interests.


Negotiations and negotiations prior to the initiation of legal proceedings in order to resolve extrajudicially the actions entrusted, or the renewal thereof, once initiated.

Resolution of all incidents that may arise in matters of: Family and Marriage, Disability, Inheritance, Lease, Claims of Quantity, Horizontal Property, Collection Management, Contract Compliance and Resolution, Construction Defects, Traffic Accidents, Medical Malpractice, Voluntary jurisdiction, among others.

  • Advice on any type of business operation.
  • Constitution of commercial and civil companies, and other Legal Entities, unions and / or associations.
  • Negotiation, drafting and closing of commercial contracts and resolution of disputes and claims related to them.
  • Bankruptcy law.
  • Corporate planning. Incorporation and merger, absorption and extinction processes.
  • Calls and Assistance to Boards as Counselors.
  • Modifications of management bodies and changes in share capital.
  • Business Restructuring Processes.
  • Industrial and intellectual property.
  • Advice on patents and trademarks both at the preventive level and before the competent jurisdictions.
  • Image rights, audiovisual rights, advertising.

We provide pre-litigation or pre-litigation counseling services, prior to an imputation, or before previous actions by regulatory bodies or Public Administrations, as well as procedural strategy once the procedure has been initiated. We assist our clients throughout the entire criminal process, exercising legal direction in all instances, in safeguarding their rights of defense, private accusation or civil liability in their case.

Our scope of action extends to all branches of Criminal, Economic and Company Law, as well as Individuals. Our professionals are specialized in corporate crimes, crimes against the Public Treasury and Social Security, insolvency and fraud crimes and crimes against intellectual and industrial property, criminal liability arising from work accidents, property risings, scams, misappropriations, between others.

Advice, and professional intervention in all the implications of this order: actions before the Social Courts, conciliation acts (SMAC), labor inspections, right of foreign, judicial resources, negotiation of agreements and company agreements, hiring, trade union law, relations Collective bargaining and employment regulation, dismissal and termination of employment contracts, wage claim, substantial modification of working conditions, occupational accident, disability, negotiation and legalization of collective agreements.

  • Patrimonial claim against the Administration.
  • Medical malpractice.
  • Administrative, Urbanistic Sanctions.
  • Activity Licenses and other.
  • Forced Expropriation.

Law of new technologies: protection, contracting of the use and distribution of databases, data protection, adaptation to the Law of Services of the Information Society and electronic commerce (LSSI), telecommunications, etc.

Advice and management in real estate operations.

Sport in our society has reached a significant place, requiring professional and legal experts in all legal, fiscal and economic issues related to the world of sports. With special mention in Image Rights, being a source of income of diverse nature with significant economic impact in certain professional areas, especially sports, in recent years the Tax Administration has seen evidence of tax fraud in many cases.

That is why GRA CONSULTORES provides fiscal-sports advice to professional and amateur athletes, sports clubs, sports corporations and sports agents, counting on a team of professionals who help manage compliance with tax obligations before the Public Administration, offering advice on personalized tax planning aimed at achieving maximum tax savings and legal security at the same time, advising the client according to their personal or business circumstances and adapting them to the latest regulations in force with the utmost diligence and seriousness.

Plan the legal and economic aspects of a bankruptcy proceeding: Planning and presentation of tenders and refinancing with creditors.

  1. Legal persons.
  2. Physical persons.

Within a changing environment motivated by the recent amendments to the Criminal Code in relation to the criminal liability of legal persons, models for the prevention of criminal risks emerge as mitigating factors in the setting in motion of a new organizational culture of the legal entities required (be societies, associations, foundations or any other that embraces the broad and not necessarily well defined spectrum that is linked by the new doctrine).

Under these imprecise contours, the position of the lawyer as responsible for regulatory compliance arises “compliance officer”.


Rafael Viñals
Rafael ViñalsSocio Director
David Tello
David TelloSocio Director
Susana Solís
Susana SolísDepartamento Juridico - Procesal
Jose Miguel Moreno
Jose Miguel MorenoDepartamento Mercantil y Administrativo
Felix Sanz
Felix SanzDepartamento Laboral
Antonio Aguilar
Antonio AguilarDepartamento Jurídico
Iñaki Gómez
Iñaki GómezDepartamento Jurídico
Marina Ferragut
Marina FerragutResponsable de Protección de Datos