G|R|A CONSULTORES Employment Advice

We guide, advise and manage all matters related to workers and labor relations between a company and its employees, thanks to a full team of professionals in constant update on the changing regulations in this area and continuously adapting this advice to the development of new information technologies.


Thanks to a team of professionals in constant updating regarding the changing regulations in labor matters and Social Security, and adapting us continuously to the changes in the new technologies, we managed to give the most adequate solution to the problems and concerns of our clients in this Matter, with the objective of achieving compliance with the applicable regulations with the highest profitability and savings for our clients.

The services we provide are aimed at companies, with any legal form, as well as professionals, self-employed and workers in general, both in the relations between them and of these with respect to Public Administrations.

We complement the services of Advice and Labor Management with:

  • Consultancy in Human Resources Management and Personnel Selection.
  • Design and Implementation of Organizational Structures.
  • Job Description-Functions-Tasks.
  • Control and Supervision of Workers.
  • Any other service in this field.
  • Register a company under Social Security.
  • Affiliations and terminations self-employed and other social security schemes.
  • Wages and salaries of workers.
  • Work contracts and extensions.
  • Preparation of salary receipts.
  • Social security contribution.
  • Medical casualties and industrial accidents.
  • Template listings, salary costs, etc.
  • Work center openings.
  • Dismissals and sanctions against workers.
  • Requests to the wage guarantee fund.
  • Employee Gate.
  • Electronic Social Security Notices (NOTESS).
  • Other arrangements.
  • Strategic consulting in labor matters.
  • Recruitment Policies.
  • Special work contracts.
  • Advice on the application of Collective Agreements.
  • Modification of working conditions.
  • Geographic and functional mobility.
  • Labor audit.
  • Promoting stable employment.
  • Employment promotion entrepreneurs.
  • Promotion of disabled employment.
  • Aid to the social economy.
  • Other subsidies.
  • Retirement pensions.
  • Widows and orphan’s pensions.
  • Benefits for temporary incapacity (Direct payment).
  • Benefits for permanent disability.
  • Unemployment benefits.
  • Other benefits.
  • Consultancy in Human Resources Management and Personnel Selection.
  • Design and Implementation of Organizational Structures.
  • Description of Posts, Functions, Tasks.
  • Control and Supervision of workers.
  • Remuneration policies and variable remuneration plans.
  • Any other service in this field.


David Tello
David TelloSocio Director
Felix Sanz
Felix SanzResponsable Departamento Laboral
Mónica Atienzar
Mónica AtienzarDepartamento Laboral
Pilar Herraiz
Pilar HerraizDepartamento Laboral
Esther Calpe
Esther CalpeDepartamento Laboral