G|R|A CONSULTANTS Accounting Tax Counseling

Our team of professional tax advisors manages the fulfillment of the tax obligations before the Public Administration and offers advice in the Personalized Tax Planning aimed at seeking greater tax savings and obtaining the maximum savings, advising the client according to their personal circumstances or company and adapting them to the latest legislation in force.

Professionals in Fiscal-Accounting Law of G|R|A CONSULTANTS, provide advisory services in this area, both for companies and entities with own administrative staff, as well as for small companies and professionals who outsource accounting to our Firm.

We provide our tax advisory services to companies, business groups and individuals, studying the economic facts before they occur, studying and planning the most optimal tax alternatives for your business.

  • Permanent advice on tax consultations.
  • Preparation of Books-Mandatory Tax Records.
  • Telematics design and presentation of tax declarations.
  • Periodic information on tax obligations and deadlines for filing returns.
  • Monthly newsletter of tax and accounting developments.
  • Studies of Economic Forecasting and Tax Planning of Operations.
  • Specific advice on tax matters.
  • Income Tax and Equity.
  • Non-Resident Income Tax.
  • Corporate tax.
  • I.V.A.
  • Tax TPAJD.
  • Inheritance and Donation Tax.
  • I.A.E., Census modifications and local taxes.

Advice, defense and representation in tax proceedings.

  • Balance sheet.
  • Profit and loss accounts.
  • Budgets and projections. Analysis with graphs and ratios.
  • Official books.
  • Annual accounts.
  • Recovery and updating of accounts.
  • Periodic outcome control meetings.
  • Cost Consulting.
  • Financial and economic consulting.
  • Generational change and family protocol.
  • Legal advice and fiscal family business.


Rafael Viñals
Rafael ViñalsSocio Director
Jose Miguel Moreno
Jose Miguel MorenoDepartamento Mercantil y Tributario
Pilar Rodriguez
Pilar RodriguezDepartamento Fiscal-Contable
Lidia Aguado
Lidia AguadoDepartamento Fiscal-Contable
Txema Falcon
Txema FalconDepartamento Fiscal-Contable
Rosa Taberner
Rosa TabernerDepartamento Fiscal-Contable
Álvaro Rodriguez
Álvaro RodriguezDepartamento Fiscal-Contable